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Re: ls /dev

Tomasz Wegrzanowski <maniek@beer.com> writes:

> Users usually don't want UI app to provide them with informations,
> that, although quite useful, would make them have to wait awfully
> lot of time.

Instead of stat_trivial(), would an asynchronous stat() do the
job?  An interactive application could stat all files in a
directory, and deliver the data to the screen as it comes in.
And the user wouldn't have to wait at all.  For noninteractive
things like ls, there could be a timeout.

This is already doable with io_stat_request, I think.

> Remember that every node is translated. It might be per-file translator
> or per-dirtree translator, but every node is translated anyway.

If there's no underlying node, I wouldn't call that translation.

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