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Re: List of Development tools for the Hurd?

On Thu, Jul 20, 2000 at 10:39:05PM +0200, Farid Hajji wrote:
> Hi,
> it would be nice to have a list of .deb files, that are needed to
> upgrade marcus' tar-ball to a development system. I mean here
> gcc, cpp, gdb, libc, mig, mach-dev, hurd-dev etc... It's somewhat
> frustrating having to fetch one .deb after the other, just to
> find out, that there are still more dependencies :-( A nice little
> script with wget's would be enough.
> -Farid.

After experimenting a bit with the hurd I came up with a list of certain 
pacakges that I'd need to do development. Attached is a complete list of .debs 
that I'd install on Hurd box for development.

If you think that more packages would be useful for new developers then feel 
free to add to it. This list might be useful for new developers, and maybe put 
up on something like hurddocs.sourceforge.net.

I also hacked native-install to just download packages from that list. It is 
also attached. It will d/l the latest version of the package but will not 
redownload it if you have an old version.

# ignore version numbers

# maybe vim is functional now, but i couldn't get it to work way back when...
plist="base/adduser base/ae base/base-files base/base-passwd base/bash \
       base/bsdutils base/debianutils base/diff base/dpkg-ftp \
       base/dpkg-mountable base/dpkg base/e2fsprogs \
       base/fileutils base/findutils base/gettext-base base/gnumach
       base/grep base/grub base/gzip base/hostname base/hurd
       net/inetutils base/libc0.2 base/libgdbmg1 base/libncurses5 \
       base/libnet-perl oldlibs/libreadlineg2 base/libstdc++2.9 \
       base/libwrap0 base/mawk base/ncurses-base base/ncurses-bin \
       base/passwd base/perl-5.005-base base/perl-base base/sed \
       base/shellutils base/slang1 base/syslogd base/tar base/tcpd \
       base/textutils interpreters/perl-5.005 oldlibs/libncurses4"
oplist="admin/locales text/less text/groff editors/ed editors/nvi \
			 libs/libbz2 libs/zlib1g \
			 interpreters/cpp interpreters/m4 utils/patch misc/screen \
			 utils/file utils/bzip2 utils/sharutils \
			 devel/gcc devel/make devel/gnumach-dev devel/bison devel/automake \
			 devel/autoconf devel/dpkg-awk devel/g++ devel/binutils \
			 devel/hurd-dev devel/libc0.2-dev devel/mig devel/gdb \
			 devel/dpkg-hurd-dev devel/libstdc++2.9-dev \
			 doc/info doc/man-db doc/manpages doc/pinfo"

# If you only want a minimal base system, leave out packages listed in
# ${oplist}.
# It is possible to work from a Debian mirror, use .../binary-hurd-i386/ as
# the repository directory.
# Then login as user ROOT, enter the directory ("cd path/to/repository")
# and run
#  ./cross-install /gnu
# where /gnu is the mount point of your hurd partition.


for pname in ${plist} ${oplist}
	package=`ls -1 ${repository}/${pname}_*.deb 2> /dev/null | tail -n 1`
	matches=`ls -1 ${repository}/${pname}_*.deb 2> /dev/null | wc -l`

	if [ ${matches} = 0 ] ; then
		newpname=`basename ${pname}`
		package=`ls -1 ${repository}/${newpname}_*.deb 2> /dev/null | tail -n 1`
		matches=`ls -1 ${repository}/${newpname}_*.deb 2> /dev/null | wc -l`

	if [ ${matches} = 0 ] ; then
			echo "- ${pname} not found, downloading from ${download}."
			mkdir -p ${repository}/partial
			wget --retr-symlinks -cP ${repository}/partial ftp://${download}/debian/dists/unstable/main/binary-hurd-i386/${pname}_\*.deb
			mkdir -p ${repository}/`dirname ${pname}`
			mv ${repository}/partial/`basename ${pname}`_*.deb ${repository}/`dirname ${pname}`
			package=`ls -1 ${repository}/${pname}_*.deb 2> /dev/null | tail -n 1`
			matches=`ls -1 ${repository}/${pname}_*.deb 2> /dev/null | wc -l`

	pname=`basename $pname`

	if [ ${matches} = 0 ] ; then
		echo - ${pname} could not be found, but it is needed. >&2
		if [ ${matches} != 1 ] ; then
			echo "More than one version of package ${pname} available, choosing the alphabetically last."
		echo - ${package}

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