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VTs (was: How to get more developers)

> I say screw VTs. screen kicks soooo much ass, VTs are a waste of
> time. The ability to just say 'go to the window where I'm running
> emacs' slays 'hmm, where was emacs. VT1? nope. VT4? hm, no. VT2? ahh,
> oh this isn't emacs. VT3, alright here we go...now what was I gonna
> do?' VTs can be "useful" in a vague sense, but I don't think its
> really much of a priority.

For me it would be of very high priority! Just as having more than just
80x25 characters. Of course VTs are a matter of taste, but for me they are
essential for the "feeling" of being able to move about freely in my
computer. Just imagine you have your computer compiling something on one
VT and now you simply switch to another one to continue working. Without
VTs, you would have to redirect output to a file to be able to do so. And
that has to be decided beforehand.

I absolutely hate the feeling of being confined to just one console. Maybe,
I'm a claustrophobic in that aspect - but that's part of the reason I never
got beyond a plain install of the HURD and ~1 hour of fiddling around.

I'll probably have to wait until there is either X working reliably or
multiple VTs with more than 80x25 chars.

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