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Re: hurd native install

Am Mit, 28 Jun 2000 17:51:52 BlowGlass Sie:
> 	Hi!
> i am new to the hurd, but the fact that there's no native install for the
> hurd is something i really dislike, so my questions are :
> * is anybody working on a native install for the hurd

I did some work in the past. Here are the issues:

1. Extend libstore to pass on disk geometry parameters to the 
application and port fdisk
to the Hurd. Without fdisk, no selfcontained installation.

2. Fetch the script from John and create boot disks. Those are able to 
boot a root filesystem
of a second disk.

3. Fetch my script to create minimalized shared libraries from 
(I can provide the last version).

4. Try to create a bootable root filesystem that contains all needed 
Hurd servers, libraries
and applications to get a minimal functional system that can run an 
This file system must fit on a single floppy when compressed with gzip 
or bzip2.
You can use the script mentioned in 3. to strip the libraries from 
unneeded symbols to make them
smaller. Do that.

5. See if the boot disk in 2. really can boot the disk made in 4. Fix 
all remaining bugs that
are in the way (there will be bugs).

6. You will see that everything barely fits on the disk, and you have no 
room for all the stuff
we need for the installer that isn't on it yet. Go and port ash, so we 
can leave bash and ncurses
from the bootdisk.

7. Only then we can even think about porting the Debian installation 
programs to the Hurd.

If all this sounds too complicated, you can try only to solve parts of 
the problem. For example,
port ash (and all packages you need to build it, for example pmake, 
IIRC, which has PATH_MAX issues).
Or fdisk (a real showstopper. Several people looked at it so far, but 
nobody had the "guts" to mess
with libstore). Assuming those two problems are solved, I might take a 
look at it myself again.

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