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Re: hurddocs.org site rollout!

On Wed, 28 Jun 2000, Jeff Bailey wrote:

[Easy Guide in hurddocs.org]

> Very much so - it my mind it features a prominent place in the howto 
> section.  I hadn't just linked it because it's not clear in my head how I 
> should do with external documents that don't conform to the style guides.

CSS might be your friend. If I re-write the easy guide in html 4.01 strict
(hmm, must read that DTD some time ;), then we could just use one css for
gnu.org, and one for hurddocs. OTOH, I do quite like the look of the
install guide - it seems nice & clean to me :)
> I guess I should put the question to you first:  Do you mind if I rework 
> the document to fit the style, or do you want it linked as is?

See above - if you do re-work it lots, then it'll be more work when it
gets changed...

"At least you know where you are with Microsoft."
"True. I just wish I'd brought a paddle."

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