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RE: Simple Questions

> Where?  I looked in this dir but didn't see anything obvious.  I took a look
> at /libexec/rc and noticed that it calls /sbin/inetd and /sbin/syslogd
> directly.  It apparently will also start sendmail if the config file exists.
> Wouldn't this ordinarily be the responsibility of scripts under init.d?  I'm
> not suggesting that it be changed -- I'm just curious about the overall
> startup sequence in relation to Linux (with which I am more familiar).

I was under the assumption that this is what was desired anyways: 
something very similar to Debian's Linux distribution (which I am
actually not familiar with) which actually ran on top of The Hurd.

> One more thing.  If I'd like to change the text sequence that displays just
> before the login> prompt, i.e., to give users a special message, what file
> contains that text?

There are two: the big message is in /etc/motd, and there is additional 
(typically) single line message about the version, contained in /etc/issue
and /etc/issue.net.


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