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Simple Questions

To those who responded to my questions regarding compilation of
start-stop-daemon -- thanks!  I'm going to try to write my own version of
this utility as an exercise.  Are there any features start-stop-daemon is

Also, Hurd doesn't seem to have an /etc/inittab.  Am I missing something?  I
noticed the directory structure of the rc files is somewhat different than
the Linux distributions I'm familiar with.  Typically, there is an rc.d
directory, which contains the init.d directory and the rc#.d directories.
In Hurd (I assume it's a Debian convention), the init.d and rc#.d
directories are in /etc and there is also an rc.boot and an rcS.d.  I'm just
trying to understand the basic dir structure and what file the system looks
at to determine where the startup/shutdown scripts will be located.

What is the status of X-Windows on Hurd?  It seems that there was a separate
branch of GNU Mach that contained support for Linux char devices.  Is this
required?  I was under the impression that it would be someday superceded by
OSKit mach.

Kevin Musick

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