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Re: Compiling start-stop-daemon

On Fri, Jun 16, 2000 at 10:40:35PM -0700, Kevin Musick wrote:
> To all,
> I'm attempting to compile start-stop-daemon by itself, apart from the rest
> of the dpkg package.  As a result, I'm not using the Makefile, but just
> calling gcc directly.  I'm using the line:
> I get linker errors that ihash and proc_stat_* functions are not found.
> I've attempted to:
> gcc -Wall -l libihash.so start-stop-daemon.c
> but I get the message that libihash.so is not found.  I guess I need to
> define $LIB for this.
> Does anyone know the libraries I'll need and the compilation options to make
> that work?

To compile a file and then link it against the ihash library, something
like this is what you want:

  cc -Wall -o start-stop-daemon.o -c start-stop-daemon.c
  cc -o start-stop-daemon start-stop-daemon.o -lihash

The proc_stat_* functions I would guess are in libps, so just add -lps
after -lihash in the preceeding.


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