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Re: Apache Packages

On Tue, May 16, 2000 at 12:15:14PM -0700, Kevin Musick wrote:
> I have a fresh install of the latest Hurd, and I cannot get the Apache
> server to install from the Debian package.  I successfully installed the
> mime-support package, but apache-common fails.  It tells me that libc0.2 is
> not configured and that perl is not configured.  I thought these packages
> were configured by default by running the native-install script.

Well, yes, they should, however, I can't even start to consider the
possibilities without knowing the exact version numbers and the error
messages by dpkg. (Useful information is also displayed by dpkg -l)

The current archive situation is partially broken. If you are careful, you
can force your ways around the problems. The reason is that binary-all
packages are always up to date, while binary-any packages can get out of
date over time. With the autobuilder running, this only gets better, though.

I will upload an up-to-date perl tomorrow (did the preparations for that
today), and this will fix most of the outstanding dependency problems in the
base system (apart from the debconf problem, which is fixed in CVS but not
in the Hurd binary package, which also will be updated tomorrow).

Ok, now back to your problem. The apache binary package is pretty old, and I
don't even know if it works. If you don't need the full complexity of
apache, I can recommend boa, it is very easy to compile (the only thing
needed is to change sys_errlist to strerror).

There are several very old binary packages dating back to my first porting
efforts, apache is one of them, apt another. Why are they not updated?
Because they don't compile out of the box. The best thing to make sure that
the packages are always up to date is to fix the outstanding
incompatibilities in them and after the necessary changes are incorporated
in a Debian version of the package to tell me that the package can be added to
the autobuilder. Assuming that the package is not too big (like X :), it
will then be kept up to date unattended.


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