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Re: Hellllllp!! booting HURD

> > com0:at bus o port=3fd spc=6 pic=4 (DOS COM1) 
> > com1:at bus o port=2fd spc=6 pic=4 (DOS COM2)
> >  hd0s2:bad access: block=28 count=2 blockend=30 nr_sects 
> > end_request:I/O error ,dev 03:02,sector 28 
> It crushed in place where it should load root filesystem translator.
> Are you sure your disk is ok ?
> My proposal of solving problem :
> 1) try running `badblocks' over Hurd partition (from Linux)
> 2) try creating Hurd partition with params `-O none -o hurd'

I ran badblocks on my harddisk.
the option -O none is not available in my version of mke2fs I am using
redhat 6.0..
Status:Still I am facing the same problem..
What should I do now?????

Thanks in advance

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