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Try try again

Ok, after hurd failed to start up, I stripped my machine (including turning off stuff in the bios) so that I only had 1 IDE bus, a hard drive, a floppy, a keyboard, and a video card. Hurd still didn't start. It stopped at the same place (well except it didn't detect the serial ports because they were disabled) I am using the lastest tarball pointed to in the "Install hurd from linux" page. (dated something like march 2000), but I had this same problem last december though.

Has anyone had any similar experience?

Hurd doesn't crash at startup, it just stops. Is there anyway I can drop into a kernel debugger to see whats up? I don't know any asm, so I don't know how much I could learn, but it would be more than I know now.

Daniel S Rogers

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