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Getting HURD up and running

Ok, have been trying to get Hurd up and running, but I am having a little trouble.

I used the big tar ball method to install hurd on a 950 mb partition.

I have a K6-II 450, ALI Aladdin V AGP chipset, 64 Mb PC100 ram, a 13 Gb harddrive with 2 ext2 partitions (including hurd) a reiserfs partition, a BeOS partition and a swap partition. I have a 3Com 3C905C ethernet card, a Nvidia Riva128 video card, ixMicro TV tuner/video capture card, and a SB16PNP sound card. Finally, I have a PS/2 mouse and keyboard

I can get grub to boot hurd from a floppy. However, when hurd begins to boot, if I press anything on my keyboard, I get a kernel panic. If I try and just let it boot, hurd just sorta stops after it detects my 2 COM ports.

Does anyone have any ideas about getting hurd to boot for me? Should I just give up? I would really like to contribute to the project, but I can't do that without a working hurd.

Daniel S Rogers

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