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Re: Need Help with network card setup-NEWBIE

On Fri, Apr 28, 2000 at 01:39:12PM -0500, John Foster wrote:
> I have a working HURD installation, the boot sequence lists a card (the
> correct one) during the startup. but I have a lot of error messages and
> the system can not locate the card when I try to ping the localhost or
> my gateway. I have my own domain and my ISP has assigned my static IP
> addresses. I ahve tried to use info, man, etc. but nothing realy details
> setting up networking. Wierdly the boot meassage does point out the
> author of the drivers for the realtek 8139 chipset based card that I am
> using. I had to recompile my kernel in Linux to get that card to work.
> Must I do the same for HURD? I also use a dual processor system, must I
> recompile for them both to work--seems much slower than Linux SMP.

no SMP on Hurd yet (ever ?)

probably you should settrans pfinet at /servers/socket/2 to use your net card.
dont remember exact syntax, check with --usage or --help, Im sure it
was described there

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