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Hurd Documentation / HOWTO's

I am pleased to announce to the *-hurd lists that I have been given space 
on sourceforge for running a documentation project for the Hurd.  This 
project is a reformulation of my previous site "hurd.zugzug.com".

The formal release date for this site is May 1st.  Please do not expect 
anything on there before then (I will be doing most of the work this 
weekend).  Because of this, I'm asking everyone not to leak to slashdot 
(Or if you do, *please* spell my name right! <grin>)

I am looking for help, and would appreciate an assistant or two.  
Initially, this will involve discussing standards for posting on the 
site.  Later on, it will involve reviewing documents, posting and general 

Notable features that this will have on it's launch day:

 o Historical archives of bug-hurd and help-hurd.
 o Links to other sites.
 o A few hints and tricks on getting running.

Contributions will be appreciated and welcome.  If you want a CVS server 
to keep some documentation under revision control, this is available.

If you want to take a look at the placeholder page:

http://hurddocs.sourceforge.net/  (Prettier name on it's way!)

Jeff Bailey

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