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Re: URLs for new developers 20000418

On Tue, Apr 18, 2000 at 09:40:04AM -0700, Jim Franklin wrote:
> comp.os.research FAQ:
> http://www.best.com/~bos/os-faq/FAQ-1.html

It would be nice if someone could pick up responsibility to get the FAQ
entry on the Hurd updated, which can be found in part two, section 1.4.2,
and reads currently:

     * The Hurd is the GNU operating system, being written by Michael Bushnell. It is based
       on Mach 3.0, and should be available on most systems to which Mach has been ported. A
       preliminary runnable image may be fetched from
       ftp://alpha.gnu.ai.mit.edu/gnu/hurd-snap.tar.gz. Trent A. Fisher
       <trent@gnurd.uu.pdx.edu> runs an unofficial Hurd page at

Facts to correct:
The person formerly known as Michael Bushnell now is Thomas Bushnell, BSG.

Mach 3.0 -> GNU Mach. For the history of GNU Mach, well, ...

Is currently only available on ix86.

Images now on debian.org. Main GNU site should be mentioned primarly.

Trents page still existsm, but has moved. It should probably not be
mentioned in the FAQ, as there are more current and complete web pages
available by now.


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