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Re: Berlin vs X windows port to the hurd

I think the simple answer for this (in relation to Hurd) is that X is
something which would be useful today, and Berlin is something cool for
the future.  People already have a hard time understanding and accepting
Hurd as it is today ... porting a cool object-framework GUI interface to
Hurd which is basically compatible with nothing is not likely to attract
any further attention to Hurd itself (except, maybe for those of us who
are interested in the berlin/hurd package for its academic value ;).

BUT, don't let that discourage you from porting this if you find it
interesting ... the effort would be appreciated by both the Hurd and
Berlin crowds. Working on X would probably be a more worth while
short-term goal (but that is just my $.02). 

Actually, Berlin uses the GGI library interface ... porting that might
prove useful to implementing both X and Berlin on Hurd.

-- jim

>   I'm not to knowledgeable on the issues of Berlin and X windows but the
> general consensus I get from people is the X windows is out dated
> technology and Berlin is the up and coming contender.  Why would we go
> for an X windows port instead of a Berlin port first?  Is Berlin a
> project that will be usable only in the far future or is it near a
> usable state now?

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