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Re: Some simple questions.


On Sun, Apr 02, 2000 at 06:06:39PM -0500, Mike Burns wrote:
> Hello GNUbies.
> I've successfully install the HURD from the tar, two weeks ago. I
> compiled GNUMACH successfully today. No problems.

> I would like to know, though, how to translate ('mount') a Zip disk in
how to setup a translator (FYI)
> FAT16, or any disk for that matter. I have 30 translators in /hurd, but
> none seem to fit.

Currently, the hurd can only read ext2fs and vintage ufs partitions.
A fat translator has yet to be written.

> Is there a man page for settrans? Is there a way to see all the active
Not exactly, there is an info page or:

settrans --help

All gnu utilities support this flag, including translators themselves (they
are not special).  Therefor /hurd/ext2fs --help will also work.
> translators?
No good way.  This has to do with the message passing properties of
hurd/mach.  Try showtrans on a node to see how it is setup.
However, since you are only looking for active translators (ie those
running, correct?) you could to ps -A and figure it our yourself.
> Also, how do I set up swap? In /ext/fstab, a translator, something else?


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