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Re: libgcj

> > > Is it too hard to fix the code so that it can deal
> > > with arbitrary long hostnames and path names? It is not difficult to adjust
> > > the buffer size on ERANGE, or to use glibc interfaces like
> > > get_current_dir_name etc.
> > >
> >

Have looked at Hurd source for get_current_dir_name and ERANGE in the header files,
and do not understand what you want.  The problem is that names MAXHOSTNAMELEN,
MAXPATHLEN (and NOFILES) are used like:


Please point me to an example of the code that you would like.  What source package
can I use as an example?


> Hell, if you ported some software, make sure it propagates, so someone can
> use it when he needs to. Even if currently nobody wants to do c++ and java,
> some other day many might want.


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