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Re: cross compilation tool versions

> I wonder if it's possible to include only selected drivers from oskit
> into the oskit-mach kernel. If you get the debian oskit package it seems
> to have all the drivers compiled in. Would I have to recompile the oskit
> sources with selected options for that?

I have been meaning to add some configure options for this but have not
gotten around to it.  If you are recompiling the oskit yourself anyway,
then you can select the drivers to compile by editting a few files in the
oskit sources (oskit/linux/ethernet.h and oskit/linux/scsi.h) to remove the
lines for drivers you don't want.  But, there is no need to recompile the
oskit just to avoid using all its drivers.  In oskit-mach, edit the source
file oskit/ds_osenv.c and replace the call `oskit_linux_init_devs ();' with
individual calls to the list of driver initializers you want,
i.e. `oskit_linux_init_scsi_ncr53c7xx ();' and
`oskit_linux_init_ethernet_eepro100 ();' and the like.
The aforementioned oskit header files list all the driver names.

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