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Re: Crash and burn...

On Sat, Mar 11, 2000 at 09:57:57AM -0500, Jason H Clouse wrote:
> 1) in this context, does pager refer to programs like "less" and "more";

No, pager is the virtuam memory pager. You simply run out of memory, and it

> 2) is there some sort of emergency key I can use to sync and unmount
> partitions before rebooting;


> and 3) can I have virtual terminals via
> Alt-Fn or something?

Install the screen package, that's the best we have currently.

> is there another login program available?

Whatever your problem is (I don't know), it is not the login program at
fault. Solve the real problem and login will work fine.

> bsdutils and friends
> apparently rely on sysvinit.  I couldn't find a sysvinit package on the
> FTP site (shouldn't it already be installed?)

There is an experimental one at alpha.gnu.org (either gnu/hurd/debian or
gnu/hurd/contrib/marcus). Unfortunately, the sysvinit and bsdutils problem
willm ost likely not be solved too soon. Just use the --force-depends
option to dpkg.

>  Also, g++ wouldn't
> configure without libstdc++ and libstdc++ wouldn't configure without g++!

Configure both at the same time:

dpkg --configure libsdtc++ g++

>  This was annoying, but I had a mostly working system--yahoo!  I
> proceeded to build XFree 4.0 and most of it built.  However, when trying
> to link client applications, the linker couldn't find the appropriate
> libraries.  Of course, I needed to setup LD_LIBRARY_PATH in /etc/profile
> and I did so.

Or /etc/ld.so.conf

> I also tried setting up ldconfig.  It doesn't seem to work
> the same way that it does in Linux.  Any pointers?

ldconfig is simply a link to true. The Hurd does not need or use an
> I know this is a long post, but let me just finish by saying that none of
> these things really turn me off, I just need a better understanding of
> what's going on!

Yes, probably. And a bit more luck :)


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