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Three silly questions to the Hurd-Core

Dear Hurd-Core guys,

I have 3 silly questions.

1) Reading "all" the docs available, I still can not find the rationale for
several things (for having a non-logged in user, the design of the networking
layer(s), etc). I still can not build a bridge between the verbal (easy readings)
and the "real" part (code and description for programmers: data types,
buckets and the hell knows whatever...).
It has been mentioned that code is the best documentation, but what
do you suggest  to somebody, who hase no _real knowledge_ of programming, but
has an understanding of the possible underlying logic? I have the Gnumach
and the hurd sources, but I can not figure out, where to start. I think I
should start somewhere earlier (structure of a generic C program), right?
Or is it feasible to go right into the stuff itself? Any ideas out there?

2) Discussing features of the Hurd with another guy, he asked me what the
real benefits of it were. I tried to explain the possibilities of the translator
structure, but even I did not find myself too convincing. Since then, I think
that the possible security features (capabilities - see earlier thread on Eros
and another post on a french interview - [sorry for no exact references]) and
scalability of the Hurd is at least as important as the translator concept.
I am right? If it is so, readings should stress this, and these could be a
focal point of the Hurd "marketing" as well.

3) Hurd -- nowadays -- still relies heavily on the mach microkernel. What
chance does it (Hurd) have to get ported on another one? Is there another
candidate anyway, or this is just a theoretical possibility? If I understand
well, the kernel (even a microcernel) have crucial role in making good SMP
work. Can Mach offer a good foundation for the Hurd in this sense?

Thanks for your answers,


Zsombor Gergely
Junior Research Fellow					
Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Institute of Economics  | Phone: (36-1) 309-2659
P.O. Box 262, H-1112 Budapest, Hungary                 | Fax:   (36-1) 319-3136

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