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Hierarchical (layered) network translators

I'm not any expert on this field and this really is not
my duty, but I post this anyway. I don't know if this
is a new idea. I'm not on this list.

How about a translator structure like this?

  /139                 (netbios)
  /80                  (http)
  /21                  (ftp)
  /22                  (ssh)
  /23                  (telnet)
  /9824                (some outbound connection)
   /   (destination)

In each directory there would be at least a file handle
for raw data and a config directory. Port numbers could
also be mapped to services with /etc/services ..

I'm sorry for any inaccuracies and also for my M$Windows
background which may have somehow affected my example.

Thank you for listening.
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