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Re: PPP support

On Sat, Mar 04, 2000 at 01:17:57AM -0500, Igor Khavkine wrote:
> First what's completely lacking in pfinet is the ability to add and configure 
> new interfaces, like for a second network card for example.

There is an experimental implementation of these calls:

> Hi this is Kunihiro Ishiguro.

> I hacked pfinet and some other files (include glibc) to support route
> addition, deletion and showing current routing table which exists in
> pfinet process.  Currently pfinet supports only one interface, so
> there are some restrictions exist.  But I believe this hack will
> useful to everybody who uses pfinet.
> The patches is available under below URL:
>  ftp://ftp.zebra.org/pub/hurd/hurd-pfinet-patch-0.1.tar.gz

> A thought that crossed my mind was instead of trying to add support for ppp0 
> like interfaces to pfinet, one could support a generic "tunneling" interface 
> that would be used as a bridge between the linux networking code in pfinet and 
> an outside daemon like pppd or a translator.

I don't claim I understand something about it, but Thomas and Rland spoke
about a "pump" server whch fetchs the ip and other stuff and forwards it to
pfinet when the connection is build up. You should really contact Thomas
Bushnell BSG tb@mit.edu if you are interested in working on a hurdish
correctly solution.
> Aside from the above, would there be any other problems in the way of porint 
> pppd? I remember that gnumach was lacking support for character devices (or 
> something simmilar) which was needed by ppp, is that still the case?

Depends on how you look at it. There is gnumach with a broken terminal
interface (and com doen't work), there are incomplete patches for gnumach
character device support, and there is an experimental gnumach using oskit.


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