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Re: Hurd on VMware ?

>> > Please ... I am interested in the details.  I have been trying to cut
>> > some time loose to play, and the best way would be installing HURD
>> > under VMWare.  Please let me know what you had to do to get it
>> > working. Thanks.
>> > 
>> > Dayne Medlyn
>> Ok, here are the steps I took:
>> 1. Start out a new VMware environment from scratch. Use a virtual disk for 
>> hda (~1GB, or whatever you like to). Swap partition should go to a separate 
>> disk hdb - that way you can make this disk non-persistent once the plain 
>> swap partition is there and it will not grow any larger that way. cdrom gets 
>> disk hdc (IDE secondary master)

 A HUGE Thank You to Norbert !!

 I hadn't thought about VMWare, but it has several advantages.
 For me, the ability to make a SCSI disk appear to be an IDE disk,
 has temporarily solved several problems.

 I now have Hurd 0.2 running on the SCSI under VMWare just fine.
 Using the real scsi disk in raw mode as IDE channel 0 drive 1.
 Floppy boot is normal. Just plug in the floppy, and power up the
 virtual machine.

 The VMWare team issues several cautions about using raw disks
 in umprotected modes, and rightly so, especially with experimental
 alpha and beta releases, but it's made this cowboy as happy as
 a possum in a persimmon tree !
 I have a couple sacrifical scsi disks available, used for purely
 experimental uses where fatal crashes are expected.

 The steps I took were some-what simpler.
 Create a VMWare configuration to your liking, real or virtual
 disk. Both work equally as well.
  Follow Matthew Vernon's "Easy Guide" pretty much verbatim.

 It now gives me the ability to run several instances and/or coppies
 of the Hurd, on several disks seperately, or concurrently, and the ability
 to run experimental code at any level, no matter what may, or may not
 break as a result, capture raw screen dumps to text files, and the like.

 I may not be so good with source code as some of you, but may well
 be able to test practicly anything for you, at no risk to you, or me,
 when I'm home and this box is available.
 Virtually any combination of hardware and/or software is now

 Again, a big THANK YOU to Norbert !


Anti-trust laws should be approached with exactly that attitude.

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