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Re: Another User!

Hi Adam,

Congrats and thanks.  If you post this on an ftp, I am sure
a few people will pick it up and the changes will make there
way upstream.

The current task list is at:

Feel free to polish that off.

Then you can check the debian bug tracking system for
bugs on all of the hurd specific packages.

And there are a million other things to do (+/-200% ;))


On Mon, Feb 21, 2000 at 08:49:19PM -0800, Adam Farrell wrote:
> I send this message out to all who subscribe to the HURD lists that I am
> willing to help out with any development, or any other HURD processes that
> may need to be done.  I want to congratulate all of you that have made iti
> where it is now.
> Send all things you want me to do (i'll do 'em i swear =) ) to
> skate111@stampede.org.
> (BTW i created an apache patch for 1.3.11to compile under HURD, and will
> email it upon request.; I am also going to start recoding thelogin,
> because i feel its a big security rsik, waiting to happen =) )
> Thanks Alot,
> Adam Farrell / Skate111
> skate111@stampede.org
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