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I would like to post a patch so that libgc builds on the Hurd.  I refer
to source package:
libgc4_4.12-5.13alpha1-2.dsc,  libgc4_4.12-5.13alpha1.orig.tar.gz,

Please see this site for details of non Debian versions:

The original source package could be built on the Hurd, but there was no
way to test it.  A previous posting advised me that bigloo uses libgc.
Bigloo is a Scheme system with a good test package


This was build and tested on the Hurd.  I can post a patch for Bigloo if
anyone is interested.  The problem is that it is not a Debian package,
and it does not install enough of libgc for libgc to be used.

I therefore transfered the source to the Debian package and did small
modifications to the Makefile and rules.  This is why the patch is so
large.  Unfortunately, many developers have taken libgc source into
their package;  these versions vary considerably.

As another test I have built package bock.  This works identically on
the Hurd and on Linux.

For further testing I need the c++ headers,  libtermcap and the program

The patch is 704569 bytes and 12,500 lines; or there is the gzip version
at 223059 bytes.  This looks too big to post to a news group.

Anybody want this?


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