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I have noticed that GNUstep enthusiasts (like me) would particularly like to
get GNUstep running on the Hurd.  We like the concepts and methodology
involved, but I think the main problem is that even the most involved people
with the GNUstep project don't know much about what is going on in the Hurd.
GNUstep runs currently on GNU/Linux with an X backend using WindowMaker,
though I'm thinking that parts of the Hurd are still not up yet in order to
get it fully running.

Could anyone give me some input as to what more must be developed to do a
port?  I also have funding to support someone who would want to get it up
and running, if it can be done.

Many thanks,

Lucas C. Wagner
Spindletop Software Dynamics, Inc. (SSDI)
Box 390654                Cambridge, MA 02139
ph: 617-308-7789      e: lwagner@spindletp.com

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