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experimental dpkg available


I uploaded a new version of dpkg, but not to the archive, but to


dpkg-                      dpkg-doc_1.6.7.1_all.deb
dpkg-  dpkg_1.6.7.1.dsc
dpkg-dev_1.6.7.1_all.deb                 dpkg_1.6.7.1.tar.gz
dpkg_1.6.7.1_hurd-i386.changes           dpkg_1.6.7.1_hurd-i386.deb

It is deliberatly not signed, as I don't want it to end up in the archive by
some mistake.

The source is almost identical to the dpkg 1.6.7 source, and this is the
first step toward a merge back to the "standard" version. All bugs in the
Hurd I had to work around for dpkg are fixed by now, and now the remaining
issues are smaller dpkg buglets and one bigger issue which is going to be
resolved soon (fingers crossed).

It would be nice if some people could try this version out, and I mean all
aspects (esp install-info, dpkg-source, dpkg-shlibdeps(!)). If it breaks
something, let me know.


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