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Re: hardware requirements

Tom Cato Amundsen <tomcato@iname.com> writes:
> I am going to find an old pc to run hurd on, and
> connect it to my main pc using network cards.
> What do I need of memory and cpu, will an old 
> i486 33 or 66 MHz 16 MB do? When compiling the hurd
> on such a system, are we talking about hours, days
> or weeks?

I have a Dell Netplex 433/p with hurd (kind of) installed.  It has 8MB
memory and old etherexpress2 card.  I say it's kind of installed
because I haven't been able to get the network running yet.  I've
probably spent a total of between 10 and 20 hours to get as far as I
have, but I had a ~5 hour false start because I partitioned my drive
so that the old BIOS couldn't help GRUB load the hurd partition.  If
you have an old enough BIOS you must start all bootable partition in
the first 1024 cylinders (at least I think it's 1024 cylinders - the
grub doc mentions this limitation prominently - I'd double check if I
were you.)


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