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RE: Booting the Hurd (Was: device string not recognized)

> Yes, you are correct sir.  Actually, on my system, it's
> /gnu/boot/gnumach.gz.  When I un- tarred the gnu tarball onto my /gnu
> directory from FreeBSD, it created another /gnu directory.  I 
> think this may be causing problems with the boot, because I can get as far
> entering [boot] and it gets all the way to showing my disk 
> partitioning scheme and then it stops and asks me for my root device.  
> I thought I had already done that step.  I enter the device, and then it
> something like [cannot find /dev/hd0s1/boot/server.boot].  Aaargh!

Yikes!  Joseph, mount that partition under BSD, cd into gnu and 'mv * ..'

There are paths coded into the startup scripts, and I believe under
serverboot.gz to expect things to be setup a certain way.

You can't expect the Hurd to guess where you've put things if they are not
in the "correct" locations :-)


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