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Re: Postgres

On Fri, 4 Feb 2000, Roland McGrath wrote:

> The loopback is set up automatically, there is no need to do anything for it.
> The settrans command above should be fine (with real IP addresses, of course).
Yes, sure. I used _real_ IP addresses 

> > So, because I'm naive enough, I did the next step :
> > 
> > settrans -cfg /servers/socket/3 /hurd/pfinet --interface=lo --address= --netmask=
> I don't know what you thought this would do, but it certainly doesn't do
> anything you wanted. 

Well, I tried to set up the loopback. Because I'm very new to the hurd
I didn_t know that is it done automatically. But thanx for the 
explanation about /servers/socket/3 .

> /hurd/pfinet does not implement that protocol family, and unless you've
> fallen into a time warp, you surely don't have an IMP protocol network that
> you need to support.  (If you are in a time warp and do want to put your
> Hurd machine on the original ARPAnet, then by all means we encourage you to
> write a pfimplink server.)
Well, currently I'm working on my time - engine. But to get it working
I need to insert every second of existence into my Hurd - postgresql 
- database. So, sorry, but I can't write the pfimplink server, until 
this fu* database is running on my hurd machine .
So, do you have another suggestion regarding my 
"setsockopt(SO_REUSEADDR)" - problem ?

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