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Re: hurd / gnumach sources

On Wed, 2 Feb 2000, Marcus Brinkmann wrote:

> On Wed, Feb 02, 2000 at 10:14:21AM +0100, Jens Sander wrote:
> > Yesterday I read something on Kernel Cousin about getting the 
> > sources of hurd and gnumach. It says, that I have to checkout
> > them via cvs. Is this the only way ?
> Well, I think Roland stopped his CVS snapshots. The source corresponding to
> the current Debian package is in
> main/source/base/hurd_*
> main/source/base/gnumach_*
> on any Debian ftp server.
Not really. Try dpkg -c gnumach_1.2-2.deb or dpkg -c hurd_19991209.deb.
And the gnumach-dev and hurd-dev - packages contain only header - files.

oooh, sorry ! these were tha packages from main/binary-hurd-i386/base .
But nevertheless there is no "source" - directory on ftp.debian.org.
did I get you right, you mean :


it doesn't exist. at least for sid.

> > It's very hard to get into the Hurd, because you have to browse
> > the whole web to get som info here some there. Sometimes you
> > get info accidentally. It would be nice to build some kind
> > of Info - Center ( webpage ) that contains nearly all info
> > you need to get started.
> the two main sites, gnu and Debian thems, are actually cross linked and
> should link to all major Hurd sites on the web.
> Don't get me wrong, there's certainly room for improvement, but I don't
> think the current situation is too bad. Concrete suggestions are much
> appreciated.

No, ok, I didn't want to malign theses pages, but in my opinion these
are only for experienced people who also have the time to click from
one page to another and collect the infos they need. every average
user will give up after 30 minutes. 

> > I think it would really be helpfull,
> > because I imagine, that there are much more people who
> > are interested in working on the Hurd, but it is just to
> > exhausting to get to a starting - point. 
> I think that this initial effort corresponds nicely to the effort needed to
> get used to the Hurd and to help with current development :)
> As we improve the Hurd, installation and documentation will improve in
> parallel, too. For example with your help (hint, hint).

That's the point. I really want to help ( but thanks for your hint ;-) )
And I think others too. But you need a large amount of energy to 
see what's going on in this project. 

> > Can someone tell me how the Hurd - movement ( ? ;-) ) is
> > organized ? Who is responsible for what ? 
> The Hurd is a GNU project, but no current developer of the Hurd is paid by
> the FSF (AFAIK). Then there is Debian GNU/Hurd, which is part of the Debian
> project, and we work on the binary distribution. There is a overlap
> people-wise, so don't think of them as completely seperated efforts (but
> don't mix them up completely as well).
> Responsibility is a difficult word in the free software world. In some
> sense, we all are responsible for our efforts. But you can say that Thomas
> and Roland are responsible for the Hurd and GNU Mach, Roland and Mark are
> responsible for Glibc Hurd support, Gordon and Okuji have taken
> responsibility for GRUB, and me as well as all other interested Debian
> developers took over responsibility for the Debian source and binary
> archive.
> Thanks,
> Marcus

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