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User Mode Mach?

There is a 'User Mode Linux' project up at SourceForge,


which is a copy of the Linux kernel hacked to run as a
set of processes under another Linux kernel.

This leads me to wonder whether a user-mode GnuMach is
possible.  The project home page talks about the benefits
of a user-mode kernel, and they all seem to apply, especially
the last one:

    "It doesn't need to be good for anything. It's fun!"

It's probably also an unnecessary distraction from the real
job of getting the native GnuMach complete and stable.  But 
it *would* be cool...

(The more clueful will note an utter lack of volunteering
in this message; I am fully aware of the impact this has on
the probability of this fantasy becoming reality.)

-- Glenn Chambers
-- Provider Solutions
-- Toledo, OH, USA

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