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Re: hurd.org domain

> Anyway, I think it is not policy of GNU to take domain names for individual
> software packages. But I agree that it would be a nice hostname. So if you
> can buy it from network solutions and donate it to Thomas or someone, more
> power to you!

I'm willing to buy a domain name and hand over the control of it (as a
donation), but I do not have resources for hosting the server. My university
is not so keen to be a webhoster (<- is this a new word creation of mine ?).
I have written to network solutions, and hopefully they hand over the name.
But in the meantime if they don't do so what other domaine names would be
good? Brent goes for hird.org. Another idea is gnu-hurd.org. 


Daniel Wagner
email: wagi@gmx.ch

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