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Re[2]: Problem making serverboot Re: new hurd package

Hello Marcus,

MB> Roman Belenov wrote:
>> Hello Marcus,
>> INSTALL  file  doesn't  mention  building  in  subdirectory; may be it
>> should be changed ?

MB> Yes, maybe. But maybe it is better to fix the real bug. So you did not
MB> compile
MB> in a subdirectory?

Yes,   I   just  used  usual  ./configure;make;make  install procedure
(though  there  was  manual  intervention  between  'make'  and  'make
install' steps as I wrote before).

MB> BTW, you definitily don't need dpkg to compile the Hurd. You don't need
MB> to loose
MB> your respect for the Debian people :)

Well, I thought so and was surprised by that advice.

Best regards,
 Roman                            mailto:roman@nstl.nnov.ru

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