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Re: Newbie boot problem

look if the file really exit.
I think the file is called gnumach.gz
I could either gunzip the file or load the gnumach.gz


On Sat, 11 Dec 1999, Godric wrote:

> Hi. I made the Hurd partition OK (I assume) which is hda4; made
> Hurd fs on this OK (no errors reported). Got latest tarball
> (19991025 from alpha.../gnu/marcus etc). Extracted OK to /gnu.
> Made grub floppy OK (done it twice just to make sure) but when I
> boot using (hd0,3) for grub name, at kernel=/boot/gnumach
> root=hd0s4 -s I get the error *file not found*. I rechecked I got
> the Hurd name for partition right (??). Tried a few other Hurd
> names out of desperation but got some message.
> I'm probably doing or done something stupid - any help or
> suggestions much appreciated.
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