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RE: Hurd project CVS repositories moved, better public availabili ty

Hello Roland,

could you run a second CVS server which listens on port 443
(the current one only serves port 2401)?

This would allow CVS access via an Internet proxy. See
http://www.cyclic.com/cvs/dev-http.txt for details and
the necessary patches to the cvs distribution.


-----Original Message-----
From: Roland McGrath [mailto:roland@frob.com]
Sent: Wednesday, December 01, 1999 8:22 PM
To: bug-hurd@gnu.org; help-hurd@gnu.org; debian-hurd@lists.debian.org
Subject: Hurd project CVS repositories moved, better public availability

The Hurd project's CVS repositories have moved from where they have been
living in AFS space at MIT to the new server subversions.gnu.org.  Those
are the master repositories for hurd, mig, and gnumach (including

This new server is thanks to the efforts of Gord Matzigkeit <gord@fig.org>
and the hardware of VA Linux Systems, and is supporting several GNU
development projects.  Please see the newly updated web page
http://www.gnu.org/software/devel.html for information on accessing the new
server by anonymous CVS, rsync, and CVSweb.

This new location is both the master location of the development repository
used by the Hurd developers and the primary publically-accessible server,
so you are getting up-to-the-minute access to what we are doing.  For the
time being anoncvs.gnu.org continues to provide a mirror of the repository
on subversions.gnu.org as it has been mirroring the repository from its
previous location (which was not easily accessible to most people).  That
may go away very soon, and people using anonymous CVS should switch now
from anoncvs.gnu.org to subversions.gnu.org.

Here is a little script that I use for relocating my working directories
after a repository moves.  It might work for you too, but caveat emptor and
I don't want to hear about it.  Put this in a file and run it like this:

  $ sh script-file :pserver:anoncvs@subversions.gnu.org:/home/cvs hurd

in the same directory where you did "cvs checkout -d my-hurd hurd".


root=$1; shift
module=$1; shift
topdir=$1; shift


find $topdir \( -name Repository -o -name Root \) -print | while read f; do

case "$f" in
/*|./*|../*) echo >&2 "$0 wants relative path from top of checkout"; exit

case "$f" in
*/CVS/Root) echo $root > $f ;;
  echo > $f $rep/${r%/CVS/Repository}


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