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Re: [dionv@spots.ab.ca: Should I continue to study linux-based GNU?]

On Wed, Oct 27, 1999 at 11:06:32PM -0500, cbbrowne@godel.brownes.org wrote:
> Two issues then arise:
> a) Is Hurd going to develop to the point where it can support a system
> relatively comparable in functionality to systems based on Linux?

IMO, the only way, that will give hurd a future, is, that is comes to a
point, where it can be used as a drop in replacement for the linux kernel.
It must be possible to simply replace the Linux kernel + the core libraries
by the hurd core + compatibility libraries.

Once that has happened the qualities of the kernel design can be compared
directly and it will show, whether the microkernel really proves superior in
practial usage.

Even the learning curve for switching from Linux to Hurd must be zero. I do
not think hurd will be able to beat Linux in any point that is of interest
to someone who just wants to *use* the system. (Even app-programmers usually
belong in there) Therefore we must be able to say, there are *no* drawbacks

> b) Is there some compelling purpose that Hurd can serve that Linux
> inherently *cannot?*

I do not think so. It is just the cleaner design, but that is only of
interest to those who want to hack it.


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