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getcwd() returns error on nfs, trouble with ext2fs


I am trying to use The Hurd since a couple of months starting
with the tar file dated 1999-05-05 up to the latest hurd version
from debian.

With all versions, larger builds (of gnumach or hurd) were
not possible using ext2fs. The system crashs after having done
a lot of file operations. There are no messages when it crashs
(it silently stops working, no reaction on console input).

ext2fs (and with it everything else) also crashs when I do a 
find / >/dev/null.

In both cases I noticed that the fs server (ext2fs.static)
increased its memory usage from something above 1 MB up to
more than 3 MB shortly before the crash. Command 'ps axlw' showed
some strange looking process entries shortly before the
crash (the first few process entries had changed, program
names and parameters seamed to be destroyed).

I then tried builds on an nfs mounted filesystem. There,
make reports failures of getcwd(): gratuitous error.
So does a simple test program which simply calls getcwd().
It is possible to build gnumach with this error, but
the hurd build needs getcwd() and fails.

My testing environment uses VMWARE with 32 MB RAM, 400 MB root fs,
128 MB swap for the virtual machine.

Has anyone a good idea what I might try next?


Stefan Weil


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