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Re: gnu-19991015, would now like to install a compiler

> Thanks to your previous help, got it up to multi user mode quickly, with
> swap space and my home and Debian root partitions.


> How do I get a compiler to work?  Have installed
> binutils_2., cpp_2.91.66-1.2.deb, gcc_2.91.66-1.2.deb and
> make.  But I do not have any header files there, have tried linking to
> my Debian headers but they are the wrong version for the compiler.  Do I
> install the 272 compiler then copy my Debian headers into Hurd?

Never use Linux headers, if that's what you mean.  The Hurd headers
are in the libc0.2-dev hurd-dev and gnumach-dev packages in the devel/
directory.  I found libgdbmg1-dev to be necessary for programs that
want to link with libgdbm.so, namely Perl.


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