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Re: Errors in hd IO, exec server, and a query about SCSI cards

> I have fooled with this for some time.  I am using the Debian GNU/Hurd
> packages from the ftp site, as per recommendations.  The kernal itself
> seems to boot fine, but I get this error right before it starts the
> exec server:
> 	hd12: bad access: block=28, count=2
> 	end_request: I/O error, dev 03:42, sector 28

That is an error from the disk driver.  Does it really say `hd12'??

> However, it does go on:
> 	Hurd server boostrap: ext2fs.static[hd1s1] execext2fs.static:
> ../../libdiskfs/boot-start.c:412: diskfs_execboot_fsys_startup: Unexpected
> error: No such file or directory.

That error means it failed to find /servers/exec (which should be an empty
file, but must exist) in the root partition.  Given your others problems, I
think that is in fact because of the disk driver problem crashing the

> 	memory_object_data_request(0x0, 0x0, 0x2000, 0x1000, 0x1) failed,
> 268435459

That is a message from the kernel saying that a pager (one of the
filesystem's internal pagers) didn't respond properly.  It is most likely
just more fallout from the problem with the disk.

> I have an ugly suspicion that these are linked.  What exactly does this
> mean, and does anyone have suggestions for fixing it?
> Also, while detecting my disks, the kernel claims that it has 'failed to
> initalized WD-700 SCSI card!' (number maybe different, I only caught it on
> the fly as it shot by).  Is this autodetection, or should I disable it
> somewhere?

I get that too.  I think it's autodetection of something I don't have.
You could always try building a kernel with just the devices you need.

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