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Re: books about the hurd

"M.C. Vernon" wrote:
> On Sun, 27 Jun 1999, Martin Quinson wrote:
> > I ask for "books about mach", and he said there is none better than the source.
> > Maybe, but my question was the bad one. I wanted to ask for "books about
> > programming (with/in) the hurd, (maybe include an introduction chapter about
> > mach's internal)". I know I can't hack on mach itself (not enougth
> > time/motivation), I just want to use it to programm...
> There are postscript files describing Mach 3, which is about as good as it
> gets. Programming within is largely like programming within Linux (as far
> as the C api goes), though you can't use Linux headers really. Also, hurd
> supports threading better and so on.

These files are also published as books by the Open Software Foundation.
I saw them in a book store a couple of years ago...
Also note that the kernel interface (to Mach) is not the whole story.
The hurd has some low-level libraries for example for disk i/o. These
are documented in the Hurd Reference Manual. Incomplete, but better than
reading the source...

Matthias Pfisterer

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