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books about the hurd

[please keep the cc for me, I'm not on the list]

I've seen Marcus yesterday on #debian, and because of my poor english, we 
didn't understand ourselves well :

I ask for "books about mach", and he said there is none better than the source.
Maybe, but my question was the bad one. I wanted to ask for "books about 
programming (with/in) the hurd, (maybe include an introduction chapter about 
mach's internal)". I know I can't hack on mach itself (not enougth 
time/motivation), I just want to use it to programm...

I ask about paper books, if any, because it's easier for me to go the the 
library of my university than to use wget to fetch a site. (got a modem 

If someone knows a ressource in french, please say it, but I'll be happy in 

Many many thanks, I hope I'll be able to help you on day. 

Bye, Mt.

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