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Status of X


you all waited for this mail, right? :)

I compiled all of the X libs, and all clients and associated programs except
xfs, which has a setpgrp problem (one argument too much), which I have still
to investigate. I still have to put them into proper packages. If I can't
manage that until tuesday, I will simply upload a binary tar file.

The servers are giving me quite a headache, I am not sure why. For one, when
I adjust Imakefile, and rerun "make makefiles", it crashes sometimes (see
bug report), and that doesn't make life easier after all :). However, As the
servers wouldn't run properly anyway currently, that's not a big deal *yet*.
I still would like to know if they at least start up and the graphic mode

So, hold your breath. Tuesday something will come, no matter what.

Oh, and Mark sent me gdb patches, so we should have new gdb 4.18 soon, too.
Other pending stuff is an updated emacs, lynx etc... I'll see how much I get


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