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Re: Ext2fs bug going updating debian package

> Disk /dev/hda: 255 heads, 63 sectors, 784 cylinders
> Units = cylinders of 16065 * 512 bytes
>    Device Boot    Start      End   Blocks   Id  System
> /dev/hda1             1      262  2104483+   b  Win95 FAT32
> /dev/hda2   *       263      654  3148740   83  Linux native
> /dev/hda3           655      671   136552+  82  Linux swap
> /dev/hda4           672      784   907672+  83  Linux native

Hmm, that doesn't look like it should be too big.  It also looks a lot
smaller than the 800+MB partition your df showed.  (Those "Blocks" up there
are 512 bytes each, so 907672 block is 453836 kilobytes.)  My Hurd
partition is bigger than that (mine is about 630MB).  Are you sure the
filesystem is formatted properly?

> I can't find anything in the man page to explain what the "+" refers to 
> after the number.

I think it means the partition is not precisely on a cylinder boundary.
The cylinders are usually complete fiction anyway these days, so it
probably doesn't matter.

> Is there anything I can do to make it at least work as well as it has 
> been?  

Well, you could comment out the size check in ext2fs/ext2fs.c.
I don't know if that would do what you want or not.

> Given a choice (which I may not be given, it seems. <grin>) I'd rather
> not format and redo the install as it's been considerably customized away
> from the Debian install.

It looks like you have plenty of disk space around.  Why don't you use tar
or dump/restore on linux to save the contents of the filesystem in a file
someplace else, and then reformat and restore? 

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