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Re: Hurd installation

On Sun, 16 May 1999, Marcus Brinkmann wrote:

> On Sun, May 16, 1999 at 12:29:41PM -0500, Ashutosh S. Rajekar wrote:
> > Hello Marcus,
> > 
> > >> [dpkg-hurd problems] ...
> > >>
> > 
> > 	'dpkg-hurd' still gives problems, and also says "Warning, I
> > couldn't find perl !", and quits, even though I have downloaded the perl
> > package as you had advised.
> Okay, first tell me that you are trying this on a Debian system, or that you
> have at least dpkg installed in usr/local somewhere. You need dpkg to run
> dpkg-hurd.

	Sorry, I didn't know about this, I thought that a "Linux box" as
described by Matthew Vernon in the HTML document "The easy guide to
installing Hurd on a Linux box." could mean any distribution. I use Redhat
Linux, and it does not have dpkg installed. Thanks for the info. Please
let me know where to search for 'dpkg' for RedHat-5.2. 

	Also let me know where I can download the latest HURD and GNUMACH
sources from. The tar.gz packages I downloaded from GNU's FTP site give
errors while unzipping.

Ashutosh S. Rajekar,
Pune Institute of Computer Technology,
University of Pune, India
> Marcus
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