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Thanks. Semi-works. Now on to install disks?

The "time") thingy worked wonders for MAKEDEV. I'm still
getting a whole bunch of dependency errors during dselect,
but at least it's
working now. Now I have something to work on. I'm a
programmer w/o a stitch of scripting skill. :(
Anyone seriously creating Hurd installation disks? I was
thinking of using Linux because the PPP install
would be quite handy. We could also use apt-get, MGUI, and
svgalib to make a very nice GUIed installation. I could
probably fit it on one or two disks. I was also thinking of
different language disks for each language.
                                               ~Kien Pham
P.S. Take your time to brainstorm. School will let out in
about a month and then I can do some serious programming.
Right now, I'm preparing for finals.
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