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Re: Linux vs. Hurd

>>>>> Oliver Thuns writes:

 OT> What a the pros and cons between Debian/Hurd and Debian/Linux

Currently, GNU/Hurd is not as useful as GNU/Linux.

Server applications vs. multimedia applications do not matter nearly
as much as whether your application is single-threaded and monolithic,
or multithreaded and modular.

When the Hurd is more stable, it will be much more efficient for
threaded, CORBA-based applications because of Mach's lightweight
threading and message-passing facilities.  This will require a free
IDL translator that uses Mach RPC, though, which to my knowledge does
not exist (yet).

Also, every Hurd server is roughly equivalent to a CORBA object, and
so it would be possible to eventually eliminate a lot of glibc glue
code from GNOME, Berlin, etc, and just use Hurd interface calls

The potential is for a faster, more modular system.  However, software
that uses only the standard Unix glibc calls will always run slower
than that which takes advantage of the Hurd's architecture.

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