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Re: pipe setup and strange errors (Computer bought the farm)

> everyone who tried bash would have noticed, that our setup is
> incomplete, we need to setup a further translator and two links.
> hurd# cd servers/socket
> hurd# settrans -c inet /hurd/pfinet
> hurd# ln -s local 1
> hurd# ln -s inet 2
> Dunno why, but it's necessary, or you get "pipe error: Protocol family not
> supported".

That is due to /servers/socket/1 not existing.  
inet and 2 having nothing to do with it.

You need `settrans -c /servers/socket/local /hurd/pflocal' and `ln -s local 1'
or thereabouts.  The names `local' and `inet' are just for humans, so
all that's really required is `settrans -c /servers/socket/1 /hurd/pflocal'.
The code looks up /servers/socket/N where N is the decimal PF_* number 
(1 is PF_LOCAL, 2 is PF_INET).

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