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Re: New packages and cross-config.gnu

On Wed, Dec 30, 1998 at 08:36:04PM +0100, Mark Kettenis wrote:
>    Date: Wed, 30 Dec 1998 16:38:39 +0100
>    From: Marcus Brinkmann <Marcus.Brinkmann@ruhr-uni-bochum.de>
>    Hi,
>    I have (re) uploaded some packages today, which I build over night:
>    bash/      diff/         grep/       ncurses/  sash/
>    bsdutils/  debianutils/  fileutils/  shellutils/
> You might want to take into account that the hurd has its own su,
> uptime (shellutils) and sync (fileutils).  I don't know if they are
> included in the debian versions of the packages, but if they are you
> have to make sure that they will not be installed.

Uiuiuiui. Maybe people should not install those packages currently. Or if
they do, please backup the hurd versions of those binaries.

shellutils: uptime is not included in the package (under Debian, it is
             provided by procps, which is linux specific)
            su is indeed in the package. I will remove it and upload a new
fileutils: Yes, sync is included. I will remove it and upload a new version.

Thanks for your report, (btw, can't the sources be merged or so?)

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